About FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Martin Horauer

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
Research Group Embedded Systems
Höchstädtplatz 6
A-1200 Wien

Room: F6.10
Phone: +43-1-3334077-2528
Fax: +43-1-3334077-992528
eMail: (hidden)

Martin Horauer studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. In 1994 he joined the research project SynUTC. In the project he was responsible for the implementation and evaluation of custom application specific integrated circuits and inspection of key system parameters. To that end, his doctoral thesis is devoted to the problem of an implementation of precise distributed clock synchronization in the worst-case range of some ns. Late 1997 he became member of the staff of the department of Computer Technology at Vienna University of Technology where he was responsible for the topics of microcomputer architecture. In 1999 he started to teach at Technikum Wien. He became a staff member of the Technikum Wien in 2002, where he is presently associated to the research group of Embedded Systems at the department of Electronic Engineering. He is director of both the Bachelor in Electronics Engineering and the Master in Embedded Systems programs, respectively. Martin Horauer is member of the ASME, ÖVE and senior member of IEEE.


  • Design & Verification of Embedded Computing Systems
  • Industrial & Automotive Electronic Communication Sub-Systems

Research Grants:

Industry Projects:

  • SyCtrl - Embedded predictive maintenance for electric drives of yachts (skale.io venture development - FFG Innovation Cheque)
  • dandel.io - Development of a stereo audio-recorder for smartphones (FFG Innovation Cheque)
  • Design and Verification Support for a Distributed Real-Time System (Grabner Instruments GmbH)
  • MDEBox - A Wireless Network Module to connect production machinery (Metusan GmbH)
  • DCP - Data Collection Platform :: Development of a high speed sattelite data modem for METEOSAT SG and GOES (Logotronic GmbH)


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Senior Member IEEE, Member ASME, Member OEVE